ROUTE 2012: Home sweet home

After 5.750 km, the journey comes to the end. So, what’s the conclusion?

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Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost

"Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost is a special case. You know from the beginning that it is a 1.000 cc with many PS, but you’re skeptical if it eventually manages to confirm expectations. Eventually, you don’t think it’s only 1.000 cc when you drive it. If you keep a good pace, you enjoy a very efficient car that travels like a 1.600 cc."

Kostas Mavrokefalos


"First impression from the driver's seat is that you are into spaceship. Modern dashboard with a very good sound system and bluetooth and ipod functions I used quite a bit. Drive was enjoyable, with nice steering precision and high performance that certainly does not corresponds to a 1.000 cc engine. The driving position helped me to remain relaxed even after six hours of continuous driving, while luggage and equipment fit in the trunk. The only extra thing I would like is parking sensors, given the limited visibility behind. Eventually, I’ve left with the following query: How far can it take us? "

Tom Kolokithas


"Third generation Focus is the best! 1000 cc, three cylinder, 6-speed transmission, 125 PS, high torque from 1500 rpm but also centrally positioned fuel injectors, variable refrigerant circuit, belt immersed in oil, oil pump with variable capacity, crank which eliminates vibration and noise, is what you can read almost everywhere! After 2,500 km to the driver seat, I record: Many likes for the new shape, loved the motor elasticity, excellent steering, ESP which never had activated despite my sporty driving, comfortable driving position for my size (although I would like the gear lever closer to the dashboard). The only thing I missed is the cruise control. "

Dimosthenis Loukisas

Διάβασε το κείμενο στα ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ

The long journey comes to an end. Dimosthenis, Tom and Kostas narrating the last day and tell us what Route 2012 means for them: "The hotel Isidora that we spent the night in Traianopolis, also hosts police force that has come here the last few months to reinforce the border guards! So, in the morning we had the opportunity to talk with some of the 1,800 policemen who daily deter illegal immigrants to cross in Greece and our conclusion is that the problem is very big. Indicative is the fact that a few months ago about 300 to 500 people were passing the river Evros daily, seeking a better future in Europe! However, it is very difficult to find a solution.

Leaving the policemen at their work, we take the road back to Athens. The amazing Egnatia Odos take us in Thessaloniki at noon and we eat in an ouzo-mezedopoleio in the center of the city. Shortly after, we are driving in the Thessaloniki – Athens modest highway, where we once again wonder the reason we pay tolls! (On the way to Patras the situation is even worse, as the constructions have been stopped long ago but tolls, suffering and insecurity remain!) For the record, inside and outside Greece we completed 4,700 km at a toll cost of 17 euro to highways with hi-tech systems like emergency notification and weather forecast (TA Anouncement). In the other hand, we paid 60 euros in tolls for driving 1,000 km in the Athens - Thessaloniki highway, where we indeed had a big delay. But with the nagging time passed: after 5,750 total km and having left Malakasa, Athens is just in front of us..."

The aftertaste…

“Two years ago, the same group drove the Italian Riviera, the Cote d'Azur and Spain discovering southern Europe by car. This year, the trip had a mysterious character which confirmed our choice! A week before we left for Route2012, I visited Morocco and drove from the Algerian border in the desert of Western Sahara to Essaouira on the Atlantic Ocean. Comparisons between peoples, habits and landscapes are inevitable for me! I felt in love once again with Constantinople (Istanbul), I was impressed by the green nature of Georgia and I respected the tremendous effort of Georgians to leave behind the recent war and create a new, transparent and modern state. Finally, I loved even more my two friends. Together, we searched and found the new Europe.”

Dimosthenis Loukisas

“Internet and tour guides are good to give you travel information but will never be able to convey the emotion and adrenaline of traveling with two good friends on a journey of exploration and discovery of new places. Laughter, fatigue, joint decisions, frustration and disagreements, finally prove that with collective goals are always achieved. Next Route is already in my mind.”

Tom Kolokithas


“The journey is that counts, not the destination, they say. But in our case, Tbilisi was great and compensated us for all the mileage we did. Personally, I think Georgia wins on points Turkey, because there is a keener social renewal and modernization that occupies you immediately, you see it in the faces around you. I met travelers from all over the world and we all had the feeling that we are at the starting of a city that in a few years will be in the spotlight.”

Kostas Mavrokefalos

Route 2012_Greece - Turkey - Georgia


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