ROUTE 2012: Athens – Kipoi - Turkey

… in one night, with the eye in fuel efficiency

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1st day – 900 km

First 900 km of Route 2012 covered in one night, quickly and efficiently. Dimosthenis, Kostas and Tom started from Athens (Greece) and arrived at border post of Kipoi passing through Thessaloniki and Alexandroupoli. Tomorrow they will be in Turkey. 

Διάβασε το άρθρο στα ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ

The meeting was arranged for Sunday 12th in the afternoon, at Tom’s house. After the necessary preparations, such as “” stickers placement in Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost, the team started the 6.000 km trip late in the evening. Dimosthenis’, Tom’s and Kostas’ first impressions from Route 2012 focused on Focus: “Swift and easy to drive, it stuck as to an efficient game – we were watching trip computer all the time, trying to keep consumption low. In Kavala’s downhill road, we were driving at 120 km/h with zero consumption! Having drove through Greece in one night, we got at border post of Kipoi (that's "Gardens" on english), from where we’ll pass to Turkey. Have a nice week”. 


Route 2012_Greece - Turkey - Georgia